Aston Martin DBS


The Classic Aston Martin DBS for Rent in Marbella or from Malaga Airport

Style, performance, thrill, and comfort compile the Aston Martin DBS. The company’s integrity is obvious throughout every detail. The company’s philosophy of building the car around the engine, wheels, driver and passenger was equally as successful in the creation of the DB9 as it is with every other model they produce. Superior technology combined with skilled hand crafting produced a stunning design achievement envied by other automobile designers.

Every DB9, for that matter every Aston Martin, is a hand crafted built to order car. There is a nearly limitless option package available to new DBS owners, however their standard package is more extensive than 98% of other high end car companies.

Sports cars are supposed to be akin to some of the finest artwork on the planet. Aston Martin has undisputedly reached this level of aesthetic design. Their aggressive yet fluid stance and their “harmonious proportions” create a feeling inside those who are inspired, a feeling that nearly moves the gut while the feet remain firmly planted on the ground. When you can look at a car and feel the rhythm and movement from inside your gut, the designers have created the car they sought. Any one of the cars in Aston Martin’s current fleet can produce that, but the DB9 digs a little deeper into most guts than the rest. Her ground hugging stance pulls you down a bit, as though you want to move with her.

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  • Price: From 1,200€ 
  • Brand: Aston Martin 
  • Model: Aston Martin DBS 
  • Type: Sports 
  • Engine: Mid-mounted 6.0-liter V-12 
  • BHP: 510 hp  
  • 0 – 100km: 4.3s 
  • Only SuperCars: Yes