Bentley Mulsanne


The Blue Sky Luxury Mulsanne is much more than a simple pairing of super luxury with power, Its fearsome acceleration, for example, is felt not as a sudden blast forward, but as a smooth surge of seemingly limitless power.

The character of the V8 engine note, barely perceptible from inside the cabin while the car is cruising, builds to a rich, powerful roar on acceleration when the throttle is opened wide.

For those with the drive to change the world and can do it by renting it from us the Mulsanne is much more than a supremely comfortable car. Its Marbella itself on four wheels, it is both a place to make plans and a catalyst that can make them happen.

  • Price: Call 
  • Brand: Bentley 
  • Model: Bentley Mulsanne 
  • Type: Sedans 
  • Only SuperCars: Yes