The BMW X6 has some serious on-road presence with its bold front end, flared wheel arches and massive 19-inch or 20-inch alloy wheels depending on which variant you choose.
A luxury rent vehicle if there ever was.

The X6 is the kind of vehicle that makes a statement, it says “kindly get out of my way or I’ll crush you” – it truly is a beast of a machine.

The X6 features the usual BMW standard of superb fit & finish and high quality materials. The huge leather seats are very comfortable and the driver’s seat is fully adjustable so there isn’t any trouble in getting the right driving position for your needs.

The centre stack is fully intergraded into the dash; this gives a sleek design. Not only does the front dash look good it feels good too, BMW has used soft touch plastics.

The cabin is dominated mostly by leather that comprises of leather front panels of seats, front panels of headrests and centre and outer armrests in front and rear, while aluminium or wood grain is added for the finishing highlights that are a nice little touch for the interior.

  • Price: From €300 / Day 
  • Brand: BMW 
  • Model: BMW X6 
  • Type: SUV