Mercedes E Class Cabrios

If you are looking to hire or rent a Mercedes, this beautifully built E-Class has refreshing purpose; the car is steady and undramatic, elegant. It reels off the long stretches of unrestricted Spanish roads.

At lower speeds and with wide throttle openings, it is clearly a four-pot diesel, however the engine is almost totally heard, rather than felt. At speed the car is smooth and perfectly adequate in mid-range acceleration, with three adults in board.

The Mercedes E220 is Fully Automatic and in the Cabriolet for it has the added luxury of air con ports that come out of the head rests in order to keep your neck cool even if you are out under the midday.

Engine: 2143cc Diesel– 168bhp
Acceleration: 0-62mph 8.5 seconds
Top Speed: 146mph

  • Price: From €198 / Day 
  • Brand: Mercedes 
  • Model: Mercedes E Class Cabrio 
  • Type: Sports 
  • Engine: 2.200cc Petrol  
  • BHP: 68bhp 
  • 0 – 100km: 7.9s 
  • Top Speed: 146mph 
  • Only Cabriolet: Yes 
  • Offer: Yes