Mercedes SLS Roadster


How does 6.3 litres of pure engineering perfection sound ? How does probably the best car I have ever driven sound ? You can just keep going on and on with praise, it’s pure sports car hire Heaven. And the sleek looks, not to mention that when you hire this car from Blue Sky Luxury Car Hire you get the possibility to drive this car from one country to the other, then when you arrive & park and step out of the car with the gull wing doors open and everyone is checking you out, you just feel like you rule the world.

Illusions to aircraft construction come courtesy of the prominent Mercedes star, whose tubular section is reminiscent of the air intake on a jet engine when viewed from the side, as well as the long bonnet: as the eye is drawn for-ward, so the observer becomes more aware of the curve. The design of the four fins with their Silver Shadow finish that adorn the two air outlet grilles on the end of the bonnet create the same visual impression. These aircraft-style lines also visually accelerate the air that flows past – and make the SLS AMG appear extremely dynamic even while stationary

  • Price: From €1400 / Day 
  • Brand: Mercedes 
  • Model: Mercedes SLS Roadster 
  • Type: Sports 
  • Engine: 6.3 V8 
  • BHP: 563 BHP 
  • 0 – 100km: 3.7s 
  • Top Speed: 317kmh 
  • Only SuperCars: Yes 
  • Only Cabriolet: Yes