Porsche Cayenne Magnum

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Design continues in the original TECHART wheels for Porsche Cayenne models. It doesn’t matter which of the three wheel designs the customer chooses; besides attractive standard colour variations, all wheels can be individually customised to suit the vehicle in question.
As far as the TECHART Magnum range is concerned, the TECHART Formula light-alloy wheel is available in 20 to 23 inches, the TECHART Formula II light-alloy wheel in 22 and 23 inches, and the TECHART Formula III forged wheel in 21 and 22 inches.

  • Price: From 298€ 
  • Brand: Porsche 
  • Model: Porsche Cayenne Magnum 
  • Type: SUV 
  • Engine: 4.8 Litre V8 
  • Top Speed: 190 mph 
  • Only SuperCars: Yes