Rolls Royce Ghost


The haunting beauty of the Rolls Royce Ghost.

The arrival of the latest Rolls Royce Ghost to the fleet of luxury cars that Blue Sky has on offer will give you a chance to slip into the confines of a supercar that mixes opulence with high-octane power for a sublime driving experience. Smooth and slender, the Rolls Royce Ghost will unlock all of your instincts when you choose if for self drive hire.

You are stepping into another world when you are renting a super car like this , Listen to your favorite music with a stunning 600 watts blast of sound, accompanied by 16 speakers. This modern take on audio is complimented by a focused perspective on technology: there are USB ports to allow you to connect your portable music player. If your passengers want to watch something at their own leisure, the LCD screens on the back of the front seats will allow them to watch whatever they want, with headphones for added intimacy.

You and your passengers will feel the height of comfort within the Rolls Royce Ghost. The air conditioning capabilities include the air split into four zones, automatic air recirculation and condensation prevention. These features will leaving you feeling cool and refreshed as you enjoy this supercar for weekend hire or longer.

The leather interior of the Rolls Royce Ghost is lavish, finished with precision. There are frosted lamps coupled with violin key switches. When you turn on the air conditioning, it comes on through air vents in a circular shape. From this attention to detail inside the car, from the deep pile carpets to the sleek dials on the dashboard, the interior of the Ghost matches the exterior’s high gloss finish.

  • Price: From 1.398€ 
  • Brand: Rolls Royce 
  • Model: Rolls Royce Ghost 
  • Type: Sedans 
  • Only SuperCars: Yes