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 Больeе чем просто рента супер машины  Больeе чем просто рента супер машины
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Blue Sky Super Cars Rental Policies


Requirements / Age Limit

Vehicles are available to all drivers over the age of 26 with clean driving licence & no major moving infringements, DUI convictions, or similar infractions. (An added insurance fee can be paid for drivers under the age of 26 and over the age or 21 permitting them to hire our cars.)


All vehicles carry fully comprehensive insurance with a 3000€ excess in the event of damage or an accident.

International Renters

Vehicles are available to international visitors with a valid passport and driver's licence from their home country.

Additional Drivers

Additional drivers may be listed as authorized drivers. Additional drivers will be subject to the same age, licensing and driving-record restrictions as the primary renter.

Return Times

We are very flexible about vehicle return times - i.e. we're not obsessive about a 2 day rental being exactly 48 hours. But once we have made a return appointment, we need to stick to it. There will be a 1-hour grace period with your scheduled return time, after which you may be subject to additional daily rental fees. (Our team work very hard and very long hours 7 days a week, and if one of them is waiting around for 2, or 3 hours because of a missed return appointment, it throws off the entire day.)

Damage Deposit

All renters must leave a damage deposit of 3000€, any damage found on the vehicle upon return will be billed against this deposit. The amount of this deposit may vary depending on the vehicle being rented.

Cancellation Policy

When you make a reservation, we may authorize your credit card immediately for up to 20% cost of the rental.

Because we have a limited supply of vehicles to offer, we pack our schedule very tightly. We offer a 48-hour grace period after you make your reservation to make changes or cancel, any longer and the reservation is none refundable.

Payment Methods

Cash, VISA, MasterCard, are our preferred methods of payment for rental fees and damage deposits. In certain cases, cashier's checks or cash may be accepted if pre-arranged. Personal & business checks are not accepted.

Fuel Surcharge

There is no re-fuelling charge -- vehicles can be returned full, empty, or anywhere in between. However, when you do gas up, all vehicles must be re-fuelled with Premium grade (98+ octane) gasoline. There is a 300€ fee for filling up with a lesser grade.

Break down

In the event of an unforeseen mechanical failure during or prior to a rental, we will make every effort to repair or replace your vehicle with a similar or better model at no additional cost to you. We have a 24h call centre available for all our clients.

Forbidden uses

The vehicles may not be used: 

  • by anyone not licensed to drive or whose Driver's License has been suspended or restricted
  • for any illegal purpose or in connection with any illegal activity
  • to carry persons or property for hire
  • to push or tow anything
  • to exceed any posted speed limits
  • in any speed test, speed contest, race, rally, speed endurance contest, demonstration, or any racetrack
  • to teach anyone to drive
  • on any unpaved surfaces
  • In the event of a violation of these Prohibited Uses, we reserve the right to remotely disable and retrieve the vehicle.


The Renter is responsible for all parking, traffic, speeding or other fines or infringement issued while the vehicle is being rented and must pay for any fees, fines, tow-truck charges, or impound costs.

Mileage /Tyre wear

Weekend rentals include 200 KM free per day and weekly rentals include 1500 km free, unless stated otherwise. Each additional kilometre driven will be subject to a change at the stated mileage rate.
Vehicles driven over these specific mileage per rental day will be subject to an additional surcharge depending on the vehicle of up to 6€/ KM on top of all other charges. Tyres are measured before and after the vehicle is handed over, (tyre spinning & burn outs are strictly forbidden) any excess tyre wear & tear will be charged from your deposit.

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